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The Career Technical Education (CTE) department provides industry linked programs and services that enable all individuals to reach their career goals in order to achieve a high  quality lifestyle, to be competitive in the global market place, and to sustain California's economic dominance.

LAUSD/CTE does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access for all of our services.

“College-prepared and career-ready for the 21st century”


GRAPHIC DESIGN 1-4 (706550-55-60-65):  You will learn how to Photoshop pictures, design posters, draw graphics, create advertisements and websites, and edit movies using the latest Adobe apple imaging software.  Gain the tools you need to begin a new and exciting career.

VIDEO PRODUCTION 1-3 (708560/70/80):  You will learn to become a professional in film and video production. The focus is on cinematography, directing, documentary filmmaking, creating a web series, music videos, editing movies, weddings and events.


BUILDING AND GROUNDS WORKER (797550):  In this class you will learn cleaning procedures for schools, offices, hotels, arenas, theatres, and residential buildings.  It includes: safety, waste handling, chemical care, restroom care, floor care, and carpet maintenance.

HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN (797565):  You will learn the procedures for cleaning specialized hospital and medical office facilities.  Class focuses on safety, sanitary procedures, waste handling, chemical care, restroom care, patient room care, and blood borne pathogen training.


CONSTRUCTION WORK/SOLAR (713550):  You will receive basic residential and commercial construction techniques, utilize proper tools and materials to build and install solar thermal panels.  In this class you will be learning the latest “green energy technology.”

ENERGY AUDIT - Photovoltaic - Solar Panels (728550).  In this class you will learn: Employability Skills, Safety, Energy Efficiency Audits, Solar Thermal System, Installation and Repair, Troubleshooting, Pool & Spa Solar Heating. This class offers you project-based experiences in residential and commercial energy management with an introduction to solar thermal installation.  In this class you will be learning the latest “green energy technology.”

PHOTOVOLTAIC 1 / Solar Panels (726550):  You will learn how solar energy is a viable source of alternative energy, solar installation, workplace safety, alternative energy, electrical theories, electrical wiring procedures.

PHOTOVOLTAIC 2 / Solar Panels (726560):  In this course you will learn about alternative and renewable energy.  It will provide you with hand on experience in system site selection, mechanical design adaptation, component evaluation, site assessment, and photovoltaic system mechanical design adaptations.

PHOTOVOLTAIC 3 / Solar Panels (726570):  In this final course you will learn photovoltaic installation, electrical design, installation of subsystems, components, maintenance, troubleshooting, and exploration of industry markets for photovoltaic applications.

See what Homeboy Industries has to say about our Solar Panel program.

POWERLINE SYSTEMS 1 (726550):  In this course you will learn about physical, mechanical, and industry related tasks for power distribution careers. It includes: safety requirements, safe climbing techniques, industry related fitness, and electrical theory.

POWERLINE SYSTEMS 2 (727585):  This class focuses on physical, mechanical, and electrical skills for power distribution careers. It includes: rigging, material preparation, aerial construction, underground transmission maintenance, safe climbing techniques, and proper tool techniques.

POWERLINE SYSTEMS 3 (727590):  You will learn about advanced physical, mechanical, and industry related skills for employment in utility trades, including: advanced safety regulations, advanced climbing, advanced distribution and transmission rigging, aerial construction, first aid, and apprenticeship preparation. Students must complete courses in sequential order to be eligible for program certificate. Powerline Systems Program has an existing WAITING LIST for enrollment.  You MUST place your name on the ELASC website waiting list to be eligible for enrollment.


CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT - CNA (775075):  You will be provided with an overview of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, medical terminology and an introduction to diseases and disorders. Emphasis is given to safety principles, infection control and the philosophy of nursing. Classroom and clinical training includes nursing skills, clinical procedures, and laboratory skills. After classroom instruction, you will provide direct patient care under the supervision of a nurse in a health care setting. Upon completion of the course you become eligible for the Certified Nurse Assistant state examination.  Please note:  East Los Angeles Skills Center is an approved testing center with 100% passing rate. Prerequisite: 18 years of age, reading/math level 7.5, Health Info Tech/1 (HIT1) Certificate.

HOME HEALTH AIDE – HHA (778070):  You will learn the basics of nursing care in the home.  The course covers philosophy of nursing, safety principles in the home, and infection control methods.  It stresses proper nutrition and health as well as methods for meeting the social and psychological needs of the clients.

MEDICAL ASSISTANT (774050):  Classroom instruction includes: ethics, medical terminology, medical forms, ambulatory care, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, out-patient surgery, urology, orthopedics, internal medicine, and cardiology.  You will able to practice techniques and topics learned to gain expertise through internships in a physician office or medical clinics. Prerequisite: 18 years of age, reading/math level 7.5, Health Info Tech/1 (HIT1) Certificate.

PHYSICAL THERAPY (764550):  This course prepares you to provide basic physical therapy treatment in health care facilities.  You will practice the assessment of vital signs, body mechanics, treatment methods, therapeutic rehabilitation exercises and mobility training.  You will practice what you learned and gain expertise at a clinical site.

MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY - HIT 1 (761550):  Start a healthcare career learning the language of medicine, medical terminology. Learn basic human anatomy, physiology and how to pronounce, spell, build, breakdown medical terms and abbreviations.

HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION - HIT 2 (761560):  This is the second course in the Health Information Technology Program that prepares you for a career in healthcare administration, the management and protection of healthcare information. Learn the basics of healthcare law, ethics, customer relations, appointment scheduling, minor accounting, chart noting, correspondence, protected health information standards, phone etiquette, paper and electronic health records through workplace simulations.

INSURANCE BILLING - HIT 3 (761570):  In the third course of the Health Information Technology Program you are prepared for a career as a medical insurance biller or insurance claims adjustor. Obtain in depth knowledge of various healthcare insurance programs including: Medicare, MediCal, Private, HMO, Disability, TriCare/CHAMPVA, Workers’ Compensation, Hospital and Dental. The course also covers patient registration, payment procedures, claim preparation and electronic transmission.

DIAGNOSTIC CODING - HIT 4 (761580):  In the fourth course of the HIT Program you will focus on the official guidelines and conventions of the current edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Clinical Manual (CM), and Procedural Coding System (PCS).

PROCEDURAL CODING - HIT 5 (761590):  In the fifth course of the Health Information Technology Program you will focus on the official guidelines and conventions of the current edition of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Manual and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS).


ACCOUNTING 1 (751550):  You will learn the following:  basic accounting principles, journals, general ledgers, worksheets, financial statements, spreadsheets, accounts payable, inventories, banking principles procedures.

ACCOUNTING 2 (751560):  This is the second course that focuses on double-entry accounting systems. It includes: fixed assets, long-term liabilities, financial analysis, payroll, discounts, returns, allowances, job cost accounting, assets and depreciations, interest.  Prerequisite: Accounting 1

ACCOUNTING CLERK - UPGRADE (711080):  This course is designed to introduce you to the principles and processes involved in computerized accounting systems (QuickBooks). Prerequisite: Accounting 2.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 1:  Office Procedures (753550).  This is the first of three classes that you will need in order to complete the Administrative Assistant training pathway.  You will learn workplace safety procedures, business ethics and attitudes, learn proper use of office tools, telephone etiquette, filing systems, travel arrangements and employability skills.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2:  Business English (753560).  This is the second of three courses that you will need in order to complete the Administrative Assistant training pathway.  You will get experience in written and oral communications. You will learn English grammar, spelling and punctuation, business writing and reporting, and techniques of effective reading, listening and speaking.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3:  Business Math (753570).   This is the last course of the Administrative Assistant training pathway. You will learn and practice business mathematics which includes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions and how to solve word and problems. You will also learn how to be proficient using an electronic calculator.

KEYBOARDING 1 & 2 (715084/86):  Learn to use the computer keyboard.  You will learn how to type with speed and accuracy.  You will also learn how to produce office documents, formatting and applications.

COMPUTER OPERATOR/1:  FOUNDATIONS (753580). In this class you will understand the basic operations of computers.  Every career requires computer knowledge for you to be successful in any job in today’s digital world.  Among the topics included are: word processing, file management, internet applications, email, computer ethics and security, and virus and spyware protection.  This is one of the classes that meet the requirement for the Administrative Assistant certificate program.

COMPUTER OPERATOR/2:  APPLICATIONS (753590). You will learn Microsoft Office Word processing and Excel application programs.  Office simulations include formatting, editing, basic Excel formulas, charts and tables and more.  This is one of the classes that meet the requirement for the Administrative Assistant certificate program. Prerequisite:  Computer Operations/1: Foundations or equivalent Computer Challenge Test.

COMPUTER OPERATOR/3:  DATA MANAGEMENT (754550). You will be learning Microsoft Access (database program) to include creating, filing, retrieving information, and creating reports and charts. Prerequisite: Computer Operations/1 or equivalent Computer Challenge Test.

COMPUTER OPERATOR/4:  PRESENTATIONS (754560). You will be introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation graphic program) to include navigating an existing presentation, creating a new presentation using the basic principles of design, text boxes, inserting and formatting objects to edit and improve the presentation graphics, adding private notes for the speaker, printing and tips to maximize your presentation. Prerequisite: Completion of Computer Operations/1: Foundations, or equivalent Computer Challenge Test.


SECURITY GUARD TRAINEE (788570):  This course prepares students for entry level employment as Security Officer which is in high demand in California.  Instruction includes Criminal Law, Powers of Arrest, Self Defense and First Aid.  This class prepares you for the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services exam and qualify for the Security guard card.

COSMETOLOGY 1, 2, & 3 (784560/63/65):  In a little over a year you can take the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (CSBBC) (1600 hour).  You will learn disinfection, hairstyling, hair cutting, chemical texturing, hair coloring, nail care and skin care procedures.  You get a real world experience by working with clients in a lab setting. Instructor not only teaches but guides you through the process of applying for the state board exam and mock practice test to secure your success.

COSMETOLOGY SPECIALIST (784595):   This is a supplemental course designed to help you prepare for the California State Board Licensing Exam.  It includes: color theory, contouring, formal makeup, theatrical makeup, and advanced hair coloring, braids, extensions, spa manicuring and pedicuring.

MANICURING 1 (781090):  This course is part one of two which you will learn the water and oil based manicures and introduction to pedicures.

MANICURING 2 (781095):  This course focuses on advanced pedicures, the application of artificial nails, and entrepreneurship.  These two courses prepare you to pass the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (CSBBC) licensing exam.   You can use 200 hours of this program to crossover to Cosmetology.

HAIR STYLING – UPGRADE (781080):  In this course you focus on advanced hair cutting, hair styling, iron curling, permanent waving, hair relaxing, and hair coloring.

The following are approximate program costs.

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