What is ACCT and how does it work?

ACCT (AC2T) is an independent study program that provides students with a unique opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Students are assigned courses and coursework based on transcript evaluation and demonstrated competencies. Students are responsible for meeting with teachers and completing required course work. Students complete the majority of their coursework independently and have access to the AC2T study centers when they need assistance. Work is submitted as scheduled by the teacher. Students must make adequate academic progress to remain in the program.

Is AC2T right for me?


I am 16 - 24 years old.

I am out of school.

I can work independently on school work and complete a minimum of 20 hours of school work a week.

I can be responsible for attending meetings with my teacher and turning my work on time.

I can motivate myself to read and complete my work even when other things compete for my attention.

I am committed to graduating.

I want more options for my future.

If you answered YES to all questions, then AC2T might be right for you.

Whether you are low on credits or a few credits short, AC2T can be your pathway to graduation and a high school diploma!

Turn the dream of walking down the aisle with cap and gown into a reality. Many students thought it was too late for them, but after an orientation they realized graduation was within their reach.

What do people say about AC2T?

“I was a 10th grader with no credits and no motivation to be in school. AC2T gave me the incentive to work hard. Now I am a college student, working part-time at two law offices and attending an internship at Pepperdine University. Thanks to AC2T and its staff, I’m on the road to a successful future.” -Monica, student

“There is more communication between teachers and students in AC2T. I feel that they really care about me.” - Byron, student

“When I first came to AC2T, I was suspicious and had a horrible attitude. AC2T has taught me to trust others and myself. The teachers are always there to support me and remind me about the importance of graduating.” - Ruben, student

“Studying here has made me realize that I can be a successful person, and I can do anything that I want.” - Natalia, student

AC2T is giving me another chance to become a better person. Right now my life is going well. Now, I’m going to school and I have a job. I’m really thankful for AC2T.” - Joel, student

“The AC2T program gave my child the motivation and personal attention he needed to be successful in school!” - Mr. Brown, parent